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Water - and its lack - is a major concern for all of us these days, professionally and personally.

This is part two - MORE INFORMATION - of a two part section. Part one - Some Suggestions - is here.

This will be an ongoing project and conditions may change rapidly, so check back.

The best part of the web is the infinite amount of information available. The worst part is trying to find it.

Below, a collection of links to news, periodicals, blogs, whatever articles; government departments and monitoring sites; miscellaneous resources and randomly collected pieces of information relating to the drought in the Southeast.

(Some of these are also listed elsewhere on this site but I thought it might be a tad easier to put a separate collection here.)

Your comments are welcome.





Trade Organizations:

In Georgia, the Urban Agriculture Council, composed of six state Green associations has taken the lead for Georgia Green industries in the battle for equitable water restrictions and educating the public. The UAC will also be hosting the registration for watering exemptions: this will go into effect 15 March 2008-2010 on their site. The GGIA site is merely listing links to the Urban Ag Council site.

In North Carolina, the North Carolina Nursery & Landscape Assn. seems to have taken the lead in Charlotte water restriction discussions, but there is no update on their web site.

South Carolina Nursery Association has a link to the state climatology office (see above).

In Alabama they might realise there's a drought going on but you can't tell from the Alabama Nursery & Landscape Assn. site, nor from the state Ag Department, Water Resources or any other department sites of that state.


Other sources of info:

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