American Bird Conservancy on BP Spill is here

Audubon Society on BP Spill is here

Center for Biological Diversity BP Spill site is here

National Resources Defense Council site is here

Nature Conservancy on BP Spill is here

Sierra Club on BP Spill is here

World Wildlife Fund on BP Spill is here

There are many wildlife rescue organizations looking for funds and volunteers -

The International Bird Rescue Research Center
has set up a great page here for those wishing to help birds.

Other organizations looking for help are

* Coalition to Restore Coastal Louisiana * Defenders of Wildlife * Emerald CoastKeeper *

Louisiana Wildlife Rehabilitators Association * Wildlife Sanctuary of Northwest Florida *

Four states have set up sites for volunteers-


find more here

(Here's a site with 12 different cams. Windows Media Plugin required.
Do not even attempt this without a fast connection, a good computer and patience.)

A interactive map updated daily, is here. It shows areas threatened and those already impacted, extent of spill and more. Info compiled from NOAA, NESDIS, States of Mississippi, Alabama and Louisiana, American Bird Conservancy, BP, U.S. Coast Guard, Pensacola Chamber of Commerce.

Bucket Brigade
- map of reported oil landfalls from BP Spill is here

Current information on the BP Oil Spill from

Bing News is here

Google News is here

Yahoo News is here

Deepwater Horizon Unified Command site here

NOAA Main site is here; BP Spill site is here
Sampling (water & air) info is here
Map of areas closed to fishing is here

EPA Main site is here; BP Spill info is here

NASA Satellite photos of the BP Spill here

FWS Main site is here: BP Spill info is here

Dept. of Interior site is here

BP website section on the BP Spill is here

Transocean page on the BP Spill is here

Halliburton website doesn't even mention the spill, so no link here.

These photos will break your heart - Putting a Face on the Gulf Oil Leak



The future, nothing less,
depends on it.

Tell your elected officials-

  • you demand integrity and transparency at every level of government;
  • you will not tolerate corruption of any sort, at any level, in any department or agency;
  • you demand criminal prosecution for any and all government and industry employees whose actions (or lack of action) have contributed to this disaster;
  • you demand a thorough review of all existing and pending oil/gas leases for compliance with all regulatory statues including environmental reviews and you demand that they be made compliant if they are not;
  • you demand policies based on data, facts, science - not on rants, not on posturing, not on wishful thinking;
  • you support the full commitment of resources for the people and the wildlife affected by this disaster;
  • you demand BP/Transocean/Halliburton be held responsible for all costs associated with this disaster on the national, the state and the local levels, down to the last penny of the last officer and director, regardless of bailouts and bankruptcies or legalistic maneuvering;
  • you demand policies based on data, on facts, on science - not on rants, not on posturing, not on wishful thinking;
  • you support funding for alternative energy;
  • you support the protection and wise use of all our resources

(find US Congress here; state governments here)


Donate time and money

to any of the organizations that are dedicated to offering assistance to the people whose lives and livelihood have been so tragically destroyed, to wildlife rescue, and to the safe and sane use of our resources for all. Several are listed above.


Hit 'em where it hurts-

Lower your own use of gas, oil and all petroleum based products - you'll save money and reduce the demand for this valuable resource.

  • set your thermostat higher by 1 or 2 degrees in the Summer, lower by 1 or 2 degrees in the Winter - you'll never even notice;
  • lower your hot water heater by 1 or 2 degrees - you won't notice this, either;
  • drive just 10 miles less a week;
  • shop locally and buy local products;
  • replace your incandescent bulbs as they burn out with compact fluorescent or LED bulbs - and turn off lamps and fixtures when you leave the room;
  • unplug all your chargers when they are not being used;
  • use a push mower and grass clippers rather than a gas mower and string trimmer (think of how good the exercise will make you feel);
  • most ovens take only 10 minutes to preheat -

There are hundreds of small, simple, easy and effective things you can do.
They add up. So do them.


The future, nothing less,
depends on it.

Thank you,
Terri Ceravolo

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